Welcome to VBP Executive…

If you are reading this then you made it through this far! Hopefully the worst of the heartache and the struggle is behind us now.

We have restarted operations in a limited capacity and for the time-being at least will be offering only a standard taxi service.

Primary vehicle is a Mercedes Vito MPV able to take up to 6 passengers in the classic London cab layout. As before we are able to increase capacity teaming up with trusted independent suppliers in this market.

Once business begins to get back to normal, and provided contracts are restarted (or replaced), we hope to resume an executive service in due course.

Although all the information for our standard taxi service is included here, and the prices shown for this service have not changed, please use your imagination when navigating the rest of this website!


Contact Us

VBP Executive, 14 The Old School, The Oval, ST174US
01785 255 902

If you would like to get in touch for quotes & general enquiries feel free to drop us a line by email, including as much information about your journey as you can, especially dates, times & postcodes.